Festival of the Dead in Salem, Massachusetts
Spectral Evidence: Ghost Hunting 101

Saturday, October 20, 2018, 9pm at Omen, 184 Essex St.
Journey into the unknown with paranormal investigator and author Rosemary Ellen Guiley as you learn how to investigate haunted places! Rosemary has investigated hundreds of haunted locations, including some of the most famous places in America, and has made media appearances on Haunted Collector, American Monsters and Mysteries, The Haunted, The Lost Tapes and other shows and documentaries. She is a frequent guest and collaborator with George Noory's Coast 2 Coast AM radio show.

In this informative workshop, you will:

  • Learn about the basics of investigation equipment
  • Learn different ways to investigate, from using high-tech equipment to other methods such as dowsing and seances
  • How to plan an investigation
  • How to evaluate evidence
  • Learn about shadow people, orbs, “ectoplasm,” and the difference between ghosts and spirits
  • Learn how to communicate with the spirit world
  • Find out how to protect yourself in investigation
  • See some astonishing, unexplained photographic evidence captured in a variety of haunted locations.

18+ Event – Ticket Sales are Final

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