The Witch's Familiar with Witchdoctur Utu on Wednesday October 27, 2022!
The Witches Familiar: Conjuring Animal Spirits

Thursday, October 27, 2022, 7pm at Omen, 184 Essex St.

Join Witchdoctor Utu as you learn to connect with and conjure the spirits of the animal kingdom, known through history and magical lore as the “witches familiar.” The legends and reality of the witches familiar is a potent and sacred relationship between the witch and their animal friends; from dogs and cats to birds and bats, witchcraft and shamanic history is filled with the tradition of the witch and the animal spirits they conjure and wield.

The magic of the witches familiar is unique, for not only can we summon the aid of our living animal companions, but also from the animals that reside in the spirit world.


  • Learn of some of the history of the witches familiars, from ancient and sacred to the modern and notorious.
  • Learn traditional handed down rituals and workings to enhance the spiritual connection to your animal companions and pets; conjures to enlist their magic to protect your household and spirit, as well as to see, smell and hear from their powerful eyes, earns and noses. Whether they be dogs, cats, birds or snakes, they can all be included in rituals to facilitate a magical relationship.
  • Learn to summon the spirits of the animals that have crossed over, whether your former pets or the denizens of the animal spirit world, they can all be conjured to your aid and lend you magic from their realm.
  • Learn to enlist the powers of the animals that reside in your very backyard, basement and neighbourhood; rodents, insects and birds all live amongst us and surround our homes, they can all be enlisted through certain means and magic to become your animal allies.
  • Learn to use animal parts and curios to amplify your connection to the animals and their spirit world. With an array of animal curios and parts on display, all humanely obtained, you will learn how to use the charms, many commonly found, to connect and invoke the world of the witches familiar.
  • Share in an interactive ritual to connect to the animal spirit world, to call forth their presence and power.

18+ Event – Ticket Sales are Final

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