The First Salem Witch
By Dave Gershman
Salem News, August 15, 2003

To some, she is the Salem Witch, and she hasn’it been given her due.

There’s no memorial to Tituba in Salem, even though she’s the only one of the accused to have confessed to being a witch.

Witches in the Salem Tradition of Witchcraft hope to raise the profile of Tituba, whom they describe as a voodoo witch.

“She was the first Salem Witch,” said Shawn Poirier, a high priest in the group.

She was also the first scapegoat, he said. Poirier and others in the Salem Witches, Christian Day, Jacqui Newman and Teisan Russell, have gone to New Orleans to learn about the links between voodoo and witchcraft. Next June, the group hopes to hold a voodoo baptism in Salem. It also wants to explain the difference between being a witch and a following wicca.

“Witches don't worship any god or goddesss,” Poirier said. “We don't worship spirits. We work with them.”