Graveyard Conjure

Wednesday, October 27, 2021, 7pm at Omen, 184 Essex St.

Join traditional Hoodoo Worker Sen Moise as you learn to connect with your ancestors who walk beside you through the magical power of the graveyard. Cemeteries are often associated with fear, but in fact contain a deep spirit of place where great love and reverence abound. On such sacred ground, it becomes easier to petition our ancestors for help with love, protection, prosperity, and more!


  • Discover how to call upon “the Blood of your Blood”—petitioning your departed kin behind the veil.
  • Learn the proper way to enter the Graveyard and what parts of the grave are helpful for your circumstances.
  • Tap into the magical power within graveyard dirt.
  • Explore how to bless and curse enemies at a grave and which graves are best for your cause.

The evening ends with a visit to one of America’s oldest graveyards where Sen Moise will cast open the gates to the spirit realms and conjure the mighty souls of the dead!

18+ Event – Ticket Sales are Final

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