Festival of the Dead in Salem, Massachusetts

Friday, October 31, 2014, 5pm on Salem Common
Join Christian Day, Lorelei, and Leanne Marrama with the Dragon Ritual Drummers as Witches from around the globe gather to celebrate our beloved dead and cast spells for the Witches' New Year at our most magical ritual of Samhain. Our special guest will be Salem's Official Witch, Laurie Cabot, who will bestow a blessing of love and prosperity. This event is free and open to all who wish to attend with an open heart and a love for the spirits

On that most mysterious night when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, the Salem Witches gather on Salem Common for a ceremony to honor our loved ones who have crossed over into spirit. This time was known to the ancient Celts as Samhain, or Summer’s end for, as nature began to die, so too it was believed, that the spirits of the dead roam the lands seeking old friends among the living. This is a time to renew connections, mourn those you miss, and to celebrate all that these cherished souls that destiny brought into your life. Death is not the end, but merely a doorway to to a world we must all one day journey to.

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For questions about The Salem Witches' Magic Circle, email Christian Day.

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