Festival of the Dead in Salem, Massachusetts
Vendor Information

October 1 - October 31 at Witch City Mall
The Annual Psychic Fair and Witchcraft Expo is to magickal vendors wishing to offer their spiritual goods and services to an audience interested in all things mystical. Hosted by the Witches of Salem, the Psychic Fair has been one of Salem’s featured attractions since 1989, offering talented readers and exceptional vendors.

Salem Receives Over 350,000 Visitors During October!
The Witch City Mall overlooks Salem's busiest public square in the heart of the historic downtown. Directly on the Heritage Trail—the famous red line that guides visitors through the city—the mall presents the fair with an 8-foot banner above the entrance, overlooking the busiest square in the city, making us the perfect location to promote your products!

When: 10am – 10pm, Every Day in October

Where: The Museum Place Mall, 176 Essex Street, Salem

What: Space for an 6' table, wall space behind it, and space for Chairs.

Who Can Vend?

  • Retailers Featuring Magical or Metaphysical Products
    Many of our city's visitors are not Witches but are interested in modern Witchcraft, so products that are easy to understand sell better! Candles, incense, magical tools, robes, capes, herbs, crystals, statuary, jewelry (pentacles!) and even gothwear is acceptable!
  • Aura Photographers
    This is always a fun thing for tourists and they LOVE it!
  • Educational or Non-Profit Booths
    Those wishing to education about their tradition, school, or Witch/Pagan activism.

Vendor Rates Per Day

  • Sunday, October 1: $125.00
  • Mon, Oct 2 to Thur, Oct 5: $200.00
  • Friday, October 6: $100.00
  • Saturday, October 7: $175.00
  • Sunday, October 8: $125.00
  • Mon, October 9 (Columbus Day): $125.00
  • Tue, Oct 10 to Thur, Oct 12: $200.00
  • Friday, October 13: $100.00
  • Saturday, October 14: $175.00
  • Sunday, October 15: $125.00
  • Mon, Oct 16 to Thur, Oct 19: $200.00
  • Friday, October 20: $100.00
  • Saturday, October 21: $175.00
  • Sunday, October 22: $125.00
  • Mon, Oct 23 to Thur, Oct 26: $200.00
  • Friday, October 27: $100.00
  • Saturday, October 28: $175.00
  • Sunday, October 29: $125.00
  • Monday, October 30: $100.00
  • Tuesday, October 31 (Halloween): $175.00

Note to Psychics
Vendors are for merchandise only. We license psychics through the city of Salem to work for our fair. Psychics. To apply to be a psychic, click here.

Ready to Vend?
Please fill out our Psychic Fair and Witchcraft Expo Vending Form 2017.

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